The Capabilities of a Good Removals Company

Removal companies have a lot in their arsenal. International companies can offer you various services in transporting your furniture such as Air and Sea cargo; freight forwarding and they can even offer you domestic and international postal service. Locally, a good removals company can provide you with a good storage facility or a good warehouse where you may want to store your goods and furniture for the mean time while you are still making finishes to your new home. During interstate transports, the company ought to provide and inform you the necessary clearances and information such as parking permits and they ought to be able to inform you of your fees beforehand.

A good removals company should be very accessible. It should have an online presence that is able to cater to your needs and it should be able to give all the means for you to contact them. You need to see that company’s testimonials and feedbacks in order for you to judge the company and rate the company according to your initial assessment. A good company should be able to provide you videos and pictures that can allow you to see how they handle the work as well as give you a glimpse of the people who will work for you soon. You can also see how much a good company is driven to provide you with not just service but also a willingness to inform you and guide you through the many aspects of the job when you get to see their articles and when they give you links where you can see their blogs. Free eBooks can also help you to gauge the company’s willingness to make things a lot better for you.

A good company needs to be able to give a free estimate of how much the job you require them to do will cost you. They should be able to respond to you ASAP and they should be able to provide you with a budget plan that can help you get the job done without having to ruin your wallet. Hiring experienced removalists with a huge track record of experience can give you the advantage on this one, they are very good at foreseeing the job that you require, they are good at giving you factual estimates (not just low budget estimates that will also get you low quality jobs) and they can give a heads-up on anything that you may need to know beforehand aside from doing the actual job with utmost care. They should also be able to provide a means in case the customer needs to escort the service provider during the transport process and they should really have the heart and the drive to treat the furniture or things that they handle as if they were their own.

Moving to another home can be a very enlightening experience and it can provide you with a myriad of feelings. From missing loved ones left behind to the joy of meeting new people and the freshness of basking in a new environment. However, these experiences may vary depending on the decisions you make. Doing the job by yourself can cost you injuries and breakages, and on the other hand, hiring dazzling new removals companies that have just sprouted  out of the woodwork can be very dangerous also. You need to look behind the entire façade and see the reality behind the nice pictures and ads.

Our company, the Sydney Furniture Removals, have been there for over a decade, serving over hundreds if not thousands of satisfied customers. We have done numerous lifts and transports and we have undertaken the big jobs that most of our competitors refuse to carry out. Come and visit us at our good old website, see our videos, download our free eBook, visit our customer oriented blogs and see our testimonials. Read all about us and know the real people behind the real promise that WE will move YOUR WORLD with CARE!

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Things to Consider Before the Big Move

Moving in to another house is definitely one of the most stressful things to do on earth! From redirecting your mail, to missing friends and loved ones, you have to think about a gazillion things when you move.  The manual chore of relocating everything that you own from the new stuff to the old stuff, to securing them into boxes and trying to remember where you placed what and who is taking care of whichever can really drain you. And if that’s not enough, moving to another location is not really something that we always do and it is definitely not something we can get used to. This creates a problem of inexperience and a lack of mental foresight, leading to total chaos no matter how much we try to do this on our own as smoothly as possible. And it’s all because you have to think about a lot of things at the same time and a lot of physical labor goes with it.

A great way to start your transfer is by getting yourself a good old removals company.  Never hire a new company and never allow an inexperienced removalist handle your things. Remember, some of the furniture or belongings might be dear to you and it might have even cost you a fortune getting them. Not only are you putting the life of your expensive stuff into the hands of a green horn, you might also be putting things that have sentimental value to you in danger.

In hiring a removals company, make sure that you are checking the ones that are near your location. Getting online can help you see how well the company is, you can see pictures, videos and even testimonials there. These entire things can help you organize your thoughts and it can help you get an overview of how these companies operate. The next thing that you need to do is to communicate with your top picks. In doing so you can assess the companies and their personnel and catch a glimpse of how these companies act towards potential customers. And while you are at it, get a quote on how much they will charge you just in case they get the job.

Ask how they plan to do the transfer and how they propose to maneuver the truck, their employees and your furniture around your area. Doing this helps you decide on which of the companies really know what they are doing. Make sure to interview a couple of them so you can get the best service at the lowest price possible. Don’t forget to ask them also about their security coverage and if they have insurances, the proper boxes and the right tools and man power for the job. Once you have decided on the company that you feel most confident on, make clear cut instructions for their employees with regards to the schedule and make sure to ask them about extra things to consider such as the parking availability in your location. Doing so can help you avoid last minute problems and fines, You can find out why you need to consider this things HERE.

During the day of the move, Make sure that you give clear instructions on how you want your belongings packed. Be there onsite to assist and supervise the employees just to make sure that everything is going smoothly and your valuables are secured tightly. Avoid creating a strict mood around your house, don’t be too bossy, relax and allow the employees to think clearly and work properly. Don’t worry too much, your presence will be more than enough for them to take the extra step in taking care of your belongings. Also you need to keep the kids away from all the work going on. Believe me; you don’t want to see them getting hurt or anything.

Transferring to another home is unavoidably stressful, but there are also a lot of ways to help you get a grip of things. With enough planning and cooperation with your family, you can make sure that things will go according to plan. Reading articles about moving can also help you a lot. Making lists of the things that are important to you can ensure you that you won’t miss anything. You can also get a copy of our eBook, this eBook can help widen your thoughts before you make the big move. Always make sure that you hire the best and most experienced companies out there!

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Removals and Parking Spaces

Moving in or out of Sydney is very easy as far as parking is concerned. Someone who would be moving in to Boston on the other hand is sure to get you into a lot of headaches. Boston has one of the most stringent parking laws of any city, especially when it comes to removals when you need to park your truck for quite some time to move boxes and furniture out or in. Boston residents must pay a permit fee of up to $100 or risk fines and pay even more. Additionally, residents in the area must be notified 48 hours in advance by way of flier distributions. This rule applies to the entire Boston area as it is a city in which parking opportunities are severely limited.

Some parts of Sydney on the other hand, does not have laws as strict as those in Boston. But in areas governed by the Waverley council for example, particularly Bondi Beach or Bondi Junction, they have rigid parking rules. And if broken, these parking rules can be to the financial detriment of the removal company or the resident. In these areas, permits can be applied for, just like in Boston. These permits can cost up to $80 and may vary greatly from council to council.

One must never forget that the parking police love their jobs, and will not hesitate for even an iota before assigning you with an infringement notice which can definitely rue you. If you are picking up from, or delivering to a quiet back street, the likelihood of parking restriction diminishes rapidly. In these areas, council permission may not be compulsory at all. Nevertheless it is always polite to let your neighbors know. They should at least be consulted as a point of common courtesy.

As for moving in or out of an apartment or unit block, the building management, or the body corporate or strata management will likely need to be consulted before any removal activity is undertaken. Other residents may have to find an alternate parking for the day to accommodate the truck momentarily. Unfortunately architects, engineers or city districts rarely consider removalists or the needs of a moving in or out resident. And they are usually pedantic about the house rules. The person undertaking the move must accommodate the management as opposed to the management being amiable to the needs of residents.

Parking availability, permits, neighbors consent, rules and regulations all these things definitely need to be considered if you ever plan to have a smooth removal job. Most naïve removalists fail to inform the home owners and comply with these requirements. Failure to do all these can definitely cause a lot of headaches, can definitely cost you a lot of money for fines and can get you into a lot of delays and troubles. Always remember that hiring a removalist may mean making accommodations for the truck, the platform and the people. From transferring to a new neighborhood to moving out from one, always make sure that you make an inquiry to the local authorities about parking rules and regulations. And make sure that you are hiring the best removalists in your area!

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The Real Removalists

The removals industry has changed a lot and is still changing as we speak. I would say that it is pretty similar to other industries but the problem nowadays is that it’s all about Social Media Marketing now, and it isn’t good news for me! People love to get a fast answer from the Internet, life gets faster and faster, and people are getting busier and busier. What happens is that when they need anything from removalists, all they do is just Google the keywords “Sydney” and “removals”, get a removalist, book it in and then move on. You can even click around three or four websites and fill in forms to get a number of removalists give you a quote! You might say, hey that’s not a problem. But let me give it to you straight, removalists chose this particular job for a reason! We’re no good in the office, we love the outdoors and chances are we removalists don’t like computers at all! Let’s face it; we are not rocket scientists okay? Now removalists have coped up with getting business all these years the old way, the personal “face-to-face-transactions” way, but it has all changed now. Now, all our clients are looking for service providers online. My problem is how can a hands-on, manual labor type of guy like me is supposed to do business online and do marketing campaigns? I had no choice but get me some marketers to do the job.

Internet marketers are sweeping in like vultures, and the worst part is, I feel like I work for them now! They put up their website and say all the buzz words and do all the complicated SEO work that they do and now I’m stuck in the corner feeling like the marketers are taking over. Business even got a new turn! Nowadays, in order to get lots of business you need to give the lowest prices due to competition and get a big turnover. Now it’s all about “the more clicks the better”, “you need to increase you inquiry rates and improve on your online conversion rates”. This is what removalists are all about these days and boy I sure do miss the Good old days!

We are almost forgetting the actual service, that the furniture has to get from point A to point B without getting broken and that we need to keep the clients happy by providing them with a really good physical service! The online marketers make me feel like “Well it’s okay, it doesn’t matter if you lose a few clients because of breakages, you’ll get more clients anyway once you’ll get a lot of traffic coming in or once you pay Google for this and that!”. Where’s the client – provider relationship here?! And what’s next, we would just click on a piece of furniture and voila! It would just appear at the new location? That’ll be the day! It’s going to be like my fancy Mac, just click, drop and drag!

Now, a customer will never know if they will get a good removalist because marketers are so good that they will make you think you’re getting the best one out there! And what about removalists like my company who has been giving real quality service for a decade now?We are having a hard time getting customers because we lack Social Media marketing skills! Sure the big guys can pay big bucks to people who can do their websites, but what about the small guys who can’t afford that? And to tell you frankly, a lot of these smaller operators are usually the best removalists out there!

For a while there a spot in the yellow pages was getting expensive and as if it wasn’t enough, now Google is hitting us hard too! Google is telling us to fall in line, putting the top bids first and low budget removalists at the back end. It’s an auction and a removals job gets auctioned off to the highest bidder effectively. There should be a way of getting the best removalists out there, those who can really provide the best quality jobs should be able to stand in front of the Google line right? But sadly it doesn’t work that way anymore. It’s all about Social Media Marketing now.

So what’s the game plan for my company’s future? Well I can’t be sure, but I sure do hope that people will see the reality behind the service quality in general of companies who you trust simply because they have a good ad and not the companies who have been there for ages! I hope one day, people will start to lose interest in adword click and start researching more for the real removalists out there.

I really wish that there would be a way for the popularity ratings of quality service providers to rise. I wish people will start to analyze a company based on actual feedback and results and that Google would start giving credibility to the companies who deserve it and not just to the companies who pay them big!

Maybe it is just me. I am an old fashioned guy and I tell it like it is, real, truthful and right on the money! And I am telling you, if you are looking for removalists out there, stop looking at all the dazzling marketing campaigns, and start looking for the real guys! Guys that have been trusted for years and guys who can give you the best removal service there is!

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Why Hire a Removal Expert?

My husband and I both grew up in lovely Brisbane; we lived there for a couple years and raised a family of three handsome boys. Last year, after struggling through a lot of financial difficulties my husband finally got a break and he was given a much unexpected yet very welcome promotion. The problem was, he had to transfer his work to the main company building which was located in Melbourne. Though the promotion was indeed a sigh of relief, the job transfer really bothered all of us. I mean, after a long time living there all our lives and building dreams there, we were not at all enthusiastic to venture out and transfer all the way to the other end of Australia! Needless to say, we had to and we had to get moving right away.

The emotional stress really bothered all of us. My little boys did not want to transfer schools and leave friends behind; my husband had to organize a lot of his work and papers and as if my feelings didn’t matter I had everything else dumped on me. From packing all our stuff to taking care of my kids’ school papers, and I had to deal with everyone else’s stress and depression while I myself had no time to deal with mine. With all the stress and anxiety going on in the house, I decided to start packing. Thinking that it would be far cheaper to do the packing and moving on our own I went through with it for a couple of back breaking days.

As the boxes started to pile up around the house, one day my youngest son tripped into a box, fell and bruised his forehead. I had to take him to the doctor that day. The next day my husband was trying to look for his office documents, I knew I had already packed them into one of the boxes, the problem was which one? My husband and I had to open all the boxes to look for the documents. After hours of unpacking we found his documents and so much more. Much to my disappointment, I found out that a lot of the things that I packed got irreversibly broken or destroyed. I sat there crying when I saw the expensive porcelain dishes that my mother gave to me before she died were broken.  And as if that wasn’t enough, most of my wedding pictures were destroyed by the humidity, more antiques were broken and a lot of my sentimental treasures were never to be used  again.

I can still remember that day clearly. Priceless pictures never to be seen or remembered again and it’s all because I went cheap and did not hire the removal experts. That day as I sat in the corner drained from everything, I went online and decided to look for help. There I saw a ten year old, family owned removal company based in Sydney. Looking at how cheap their rates were compared to the priceless items I lost, I really learned my lesson. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.  I contacted them and as we negotiated through the rates I was really happy to find out how flexible and friendly they were. On the day we moved, the expert removalists came ahead of time and secured all our belongings into sturdy boxes. They all took care of our things as if they were their own. From packing to unpacking, the workers did a professional job. None and I do mean NONE of my fixtures and furniture was broken, my other porcelain wares were all intact and because they all worked so smoothly and methodically all my documents and trinkets were found with so much ease. I really appreciated how the removal experts made our house transfer very easy and comfortable. Had I contacted them earlier, I would have been able to spend much time with my family and friends and less time worrying and breaking my back. Had I hired them earlier, I would have gladly spent a few  dollars rather than to have lost priceless treasures due to my carelessness. This my friends, is why you better hire The removal experts!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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