Guides for an Easy Summer Move Part 1

Transferring to another house can be quite a tedious work to do. Most of us either love it or totally hate it. There is indeed a looming thrill and excitement awaiting behind it, but once all the thrill and anxiety drains off and all that is left behind is the sad fact that you need to do all the chores and that you need to handle all the headaches the the problem begins.  In order to help you with the move, here are some guidelines that can ease up the hassle a bit.

First of all, you need to inform business and work places ahead of time. In places where you have a membership of, you need to check and see if your payments to that certain establishments like banks and gyms and other places have their counterparts in your new area and if your membership is transferrable there. Also, you need to make sure that all your mails and personal accounts will be redirected to your new address beforehand. Delays in this area might cause serious implications later on. Personal Accounts from business, banks, work places, credit companies, Health institutions, and even to government institutions like Car registration, Social Security, and even tax collection must all be informed and taken cared of ahead of time.

You also need to take care of your bills ahead. Settle all your accounts from past billing companies and make sure that you will be disconnecting all the services that you were previously getting like electricity, water, gas, phone, internet and all these things. Make sure that all these utilities will be disconnected and paid for including all your previous balances. Failure to do so and you might end up paying for bills that someone else used. If you are paying your bills through credit cards, make sure that you will be redirecting your payments to your new accounts and closing off old ones so that you won’t get charged later on for someone else’s bills.

While settling your old utilities, make sure that you are also taking care of your new connections and utilities. Your new home must be well prepared already and all the things that you will need like electricity, water, gas, and other things are ready for use. The real estate company can provide you with the information that you need regarding this one. In case it is not possible, then I suggest that you consider calling in the various companies and make sure that everything is installed days before your family actually moves in.

There are a Gazillion moving companies out there. And you definitely need the help of one that is as professional and as efficient as possible. If you need to find out about the companies that you can trust you can check out their feedbacks and find out as much as you can with regards to what they can offer you and how they are planning to do the job. If you need guidelines in deciding which company is best for you, you can check out an article here. You can also avail of their different budget packages so it is best if you make sure that you are getting as much quotes as you can from different companies. For estimate guides you can also check another article here. Make sure that you are getting the company that can give you the best insurance and budget package available.

Sydney Furniture Removals is the best removals company in Sydney.  The company has been there for generations and they have been providing the best removals service for over a decade.  Come and visit Sydney Furniture Removals and See what we can do for you.

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What Not to Bring During Your House Transfer

Moving on to a new house can be quite a chore to do especially when you have lots of things to package and bring with you. Though some of us really want to bring every little thing that we have, we need to accept the fact that it might no longer be practical for us to do so. There are many items to consider leaving behind like volatile materials, chemical products and items that might not get through customs or check points. Here are some of the items that you need to avoid taking with you.

The first thing you need to get rid of is your junk. Though a lot of people tend to be to sentimental about a lot of their things, you need to keep in mind that one of the joys of transferring is getting a fresh start in life. Moving on to a new environment and a new house is a great opportunity to get rid of old junk that has been cluttering up your space and probably keeping a live an army of dust mites. Give away your old clothes to charity. A lot of women are quite used to hanging on to old clothes that don’t fit anymore. We keep telling ourselves that when we will lose weight we will have the chance to wear it again. It is probably best however, to give away these things and think about buying new clothes for you instead, right?  Don’t bring with you items that are already damaged and broken. Having a new life means having new stuff too, bringing broken appliances or broken kitchen wares will just end up getting more broken once you bring it across long distances with you. Consider the area of your new house. A lot of us like to bring with us huge furniture and cabinets and appliances that will probably not fit in the front door of your new house anyway. Be sure to sell or give away these things or be sure to make the right measurements, failing to do so will cost you extra time with the removals company and it will still be useless because it probably won’t fit in your new house anyway. Get rid of old book too. These things tend to occupy a lot of space and you’re probably not going to read them anymore. Save up the space instead for important documents or paper works and make sure that the books that that you are going to take with you are the ones that are useful for school or work or for everyday life. A lot of money can come into selling your old stuff and you can use that money to buy yourself new things also. Or why not do an act of kindness and donate these things to charity, I’m sure that when all the clutter is gone, you will end up feeling refreshed and renewed.

During the house transfer you also need to consider the many things that you need to dispose of.  Keep in mind that each area and state has its own set of regulations. Taking gallons of gasoline or other chemicals like cleaning materials, poisons, bathroom chemicals, or formaldehyde solutions will probably get the attention of inspectors and will probably put all your belongings into question. Getting into these kinds of trouble will add up to more expenses, more hassles and more headaches. A professional removals company will not allow you to bring these kinds of products with you but only if you did hire one. It is not practical to bring these kinds of things because volatile compounds, oils, gasoline, and other chemicals might end up ruining your other things or worse it might explode and burn all your stuff. You also need to dispose of or leave behind food items or items that are perishable. You won’t be hiring a refrigerated van when doing the removals, so keep in mind that the temperature and conditions in the transport truck will probably not be ideal for your food stuffs and perishable goods.

Avoid being a pack rat and give yourself the space and the breathing room that you need to accompany the fresh start that is happening in your life. Sydney Furniture Removals is a decade old company based on Sydney, Australia. The company has been giving the best removals service for over hundreds of customers each year. We can give you all the advice that you may need in making your house transfer as carefree and as smooth as ever. Visit our other Blog and read more about the various tips, tricks, and information to consider when making your move. Visit Sydney Furniture removals and get the best low budget deals for your house or office transfers!

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Your Removals Checklist

Making a checklist before packing can definitely help you a lot. Putting everything that you need to do in a list can lessen the hassles and worries that you go through in a removals job. Your checklist may contain a lot of things from things to do to things that you need to remember to pack. So before any removal is made, make sure that you’ve got your list already in hand.

A checklist is a very handy tool that you can use. Instead of going about doing the packaging in a very chaotic way, a checklist on the other hand can help you get a sense of direction. A handy checklist can help you organize your thoughts and it can help you avoid forgetting important documents and many other last minute things that you rather have secured than left behind.

Making a checklist is something that you need to do by yourself, when movers start coming in and start packaging your belongings, things can get a little confusing for you. No matter how good a removals company is, and no matter what services they provide, there won’t be any part of it that is about planning ahead. Making the checklist needs to be as thorough as possible, you need to categorize all the things you need to do and separate it from the things that you really need to secure. You should also list down the things you need to bring like office or school documents as well as personal files and even jewelries. Making a thorough list of all your belongings can really help you, an inventory list can help you keep track of the things you have already packed, which thing went to which box and also if your belongings got transported along with your other stuff. Your checklist can also contain reminders. Reminders about people who need to know about your new address and even companies or organizations that you need your mail to be redirected to.

Your check list needs to be versatile and flexible also. A checklist is not something that can be finalized; you need to remember that as you go along the move, you will remember a few things to do here and there. Make sure that you have a handy pen with you always. Write down every little detail that you remember. Personalize a checklist that corresponds to your unique needs. Though a checklist can help you get organized, it will not give you a full assurance that everything will go perfectly as planned. Hire a professional removals company so you can get the best and smoothest service, it will do well in lessening your stress also.

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The Materials that you will need Before Moving

When the time comes for you to make a house or office move, the first thing that you definitely have to do is to start thinking about all the needed supplies that is required to do the preliminary packing and segregation. Moving to another location is not just about throwing your stuff into a box and just dumping them into a truck. All of us have various items and goods that we value a lot and all of us have some things that are fragile. In order to do a safe packing and segregation of your belongings you need to prepare these things.


If this wasn’t obvious enough for you, then I really recommend that you get removal experts to do the job from this point onward. Boxes are very important in making your transfer that you will not possibly be able to do it without them. You need to have a large quantity of boxes. The quantity of boxes that you need is proportional to the quantity of your belongings. You can buy new boxes or you can start collecting some from friends, just make sure that these boxes are sturdy and strong enough. Not having good boxes will lead to breakages and spill, or will not allow other boxes to be stacked on top of it.

You also need to have different types and sizes of boxes for your packaging. Using the wrong boxes can still lead to breakages and spills. There are also specific boxes for your clothes, make sure that you buy the ones that can allow you to hang your clothes inside so that you will not get smelly and disorganized clothes later on. When doing the packing, a lot of your money will go into buying these boxes. Unfortunately, due to our common inexperience we usually fail to buy the right type, the right size and the right quantity of boxes. However, a lot of the good removals company can supply these boxes for you. These removals companies can help you save money by including the boxes into the quotes. Remember, it is better to get the boxes as inclusive than buying a whole bunch of them and not using an excess of them afterwards ever again.


Again, this product will come inclusive of your package quote if you hired a good removals company. Before you buy packaging tapes, you need to call the company that you hired and ask them if they themselves will provide the tape. In any other case, you need to buy good strong packaging tapes. Try asking the company about what brand they recommend that you buy. In order to save time, you can be the type that comes with a holder, the ones with the cutter teeth at the ends. This one can help reduce the time you spend in taping the boxes and more time to do other stuff.

Packing Materials

Your fragile belongings will need to be secured well. In order to do so, you need a lot of other packing materials. You need to buy other materials like Styrofoam pellets to cushion fragile objects and to help them get packed tightly into the boxes. Other materials like bubble wrap can do the trick as well. You can save money here by buying bubble wrap first and using newspaper wads to fill up the empty space in the boxes so that the things will fit snuggly inside. You also need to buy zip lock bags that can be used to secure things like electrical wirings and batteries so that they will not be misplaced or exposed to water. They can also be used to hold little items like bolts, screws and many other items. You also need to have black permanent markers in hand so that you will be able to label as you go through the packaging. When you require furniture and large objects to be moved however, you may also need to buy protective mats. These mats can help you avoid scratches and nicks in your appliances and antiques.

There really are a lot of things that you need to prepare during your move. If you have the time and energy to set aside money and buy all these then the option depends on you. But in any other cases, I recommend that you hire an expert removals company and let the professionals handle the job. The benefit of hiring them is that they will give you an insurance policy, giving you the security that you need for the safety of your furniture and belongings. This gives you the guarantee that they will do all that it takes to protect your things, and this mostly means that they will provide you with everything that you will need from the boxes to all other packaging materials. Sydney Furniture Removals has been serving clients for a decade. The company can take care of all these and can definitely get rid of all your stress and worries about your move. Give us a call and get a fast budget quote for your entire removals job.

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Sydney Furniture Removals Has Launched Their Social Media Marketing Campaign

Sydney Furniture Removals Has Launched Their Social Media Marketing Campaign. The new press release has been published!

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Simple Packing Tips for Smooth Moves

We all want to make a smooth house to house transfer. With all the options here and there, no other way can beat doing things the old fashioned way, and that is to do things properly. But what does it take to do a proper house to house transfer? With all the furniture, the clothes, the documents and many other small things to pack, what can one do to make the house transfer as orderly as possible?

Well it all starts with the packing. Packing ensures that the goods will be protected from bumping and breaking, it can also help you to segregate and identify goods that are fragile from ones that are not. Aside from helping you maximize your vehicle area, it can also help you organize your stuff into manageable pieces.

The first thing that you need to remember during packing is that you need to have the proper boxes. Different stuffs need different boxes. There are boxes with hangers for clothes and there are boxes with dividers for fragile stuff. Putting different things into a common box will lead to breakages and will also require you to waste money buying more boxes. The right boxes however, will maximize the number of things that you can put in, and it can also help in protecting the things that are fragile.

Next, you need to pack things by rooms. Don’t go into different rooms and start picking off your goods here and there. Taking the time to sit down and pack one room at a time will help you get things organized. When putting them on to the removal truck, the boxes can come in by the group. Make sure that you also label the boxes with which room it came from. During the unloading, these will help you identify which boxes go to which room.

Also remember to prioritize. Prioritizing can help you secure the most important things like personal files and documents, school or office paperwork and etc. Keep in mind that securing these important things will not put you into situations where you will lose track of documents because you have misplaced them earlier. Pack things that are important to you and leave behind old stuff that you don’t really need. A lot of people hoard little things like kitchen ware, old clothes and even toys. You need to remember that transferring also means starting anew, bringing old and useless stuff into your new place will just add up to the hassles and dust that shouldn’t be there in the first place. These things have been lying around your old house so don’t let it mess up your new home.

Segregate your tools and other sharp utensils into a separate box. Make sure that you put them into sturdy containers most preferably plastic ones and make sure that you put identifying marks on it. Never put them up the stack with other boxes because they can cause accidents to happen.

Put the boxes that you have stacked in a vacant area. Make sure that no other things are in that area so you can easily check on other rooms for things that you have not packed yet. Make sure that the areas that you choose to stack the boxes have a lot of free space where removers can enter and exit easily. Be sure to check if that area is clean and does not have any water spills or leaks.

Be sure to make double checks and do last minute checks. This ensures you that everything is set and ready for the move. Check on each individual room including the basement and the attic so that none of your things will be left behind. Be the one to last clean and close the room before you leave. Following these simple steps during packing can help you make the transfer a lot better. For more tips and lesser worries, call the Best Removal Service in Sydney, The Sydney Furniture Removals Company!

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The Options that you Have for Removals

A lot of people think that the decision to hire a removal company is entirely optional. Instead of hiring one, a lot of people just get the phone and call their mates who are more than willing to come over to your house drink a few beers and couple of burgers on the grill and help you out with packing and moving your things. But there are a lot of bad things to consider when you think of going for this option.

The first thing that you will not get is the experience of seeing how professionals do it. Not many people have the experience to do an orderly removal, and this is why opting to do the job yourself can cause you a lot of stress, chaos and injuries have happened before. Believe it or not, when injuries happen, you won’t be the first customer we have to call us after breaking his back lifting boxes on his own. Another thing that you will not get is the chance to relax and not worry about the packing and removals. Doing the job on your own causes a lot of breakages and when things are in disarray, you will lose track of things and you will be stressed out.

Another thing that you will miss out on is the professional equipment that the removals company has. You don’t need to buy a protective mat that you are only going to use once, but if you are doing the move on your own and if you don’t want any of your appliances and furniture broken, you are going to have to. You don’t want to build a long ramp that is suitable for your needs and you don’t want to hire an expensive truck that wasn’t meant for transporting boxes and furniture in the first place, but if you are planning to do it on your own, you definitely have to.

Look at the logistics this way. When you do a move on your own you are going to require at least two men, boxes, safety mats, a truck with a hydraulic ramp, money, and a lot of effort. Doing the job by hiring a removals company will get you the very same thing minus the effort! Though doing the latter may require you to spend more, the money would be well worth it. Why? Because it negates the chances of you paying for your mates injuries, negates the chances of you fighting with your family over misplaced or broken goods and boxes, lessens the stress of having to transfer, gives you the insurance and security that you need, and it gives people an impression of how a well organized, thoughtful and careful man you are because they will not get to see you all sweaty and stressed out plus they will not see your house looking like an evacuation center. It also lessens the amount of time spent over the job.

It has been our experience that we have been able to do the job in half the time than most people who do it by themselves. Because of experience, removal companies have made smooth an otherwise tedious and stressful job. Though you have the option, it won’t be possible to do it during international transfers right? What if one of your mates breaks a priceless antique? You can’t possible get angry over a person whom you have just made to work for free right? Hiring a removals company can definitely change the experience of having to transfer to a new location. Why not open a bottle of champagne, try to relax and spend more time with your friends and loved ones who you’re going to leave behind instead of stressing out and doing the job yourself. Go online and get yourself a removals Company which has been trusted and loved for over a decade! Get a free quote that is well within your budget, instead of saving money in getting your mates to do the job; you might end up spending twice the amount of hiring a removalist over broken furniture and appliances.

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